Sunday, September 8, 2013


Okay, so yesterday's pre-Riddick post was pretty thinky, but today? Today I think I'll just repeat the sound I made as I walked out of the theater.


What, you need more than that? Okay, fine. This is the movie I've been waiting for for almost ten years. It's starring one of my very favorite action heroes and my very biggest girl crush. Riddick goes back to the series' Pitch Black roots - a lower budget, more desolate, hostile world, and lots of big bad monsters in the dark and ugly muther mercs. But for all the similarities with the first movie, it's certainly its own, and Riddick is a different Riddick than when we first met him. In fact, we re-meet him at something of a low point in his consistently rather rough life. The end of Chronicles of Riddick is done away quickly and efficiently, but without trying to gloss over it (like, say, the Avengers with the end of the first Thor movie). We get a brief Karl Urban cameo and are briskly brought up to speed why Riddick is abandoned and left for dead on yet another scourged, forsaken planet.

But really this is what we wanted all along - Riddick is no general, and he's certainly no king, and the movie sets out with him setting out to reconnect with his animal nature. In fact, we start with Riddick as we've never seen him - genuinely gravely wounded, and a little bit lost. I'll confess I had a heart-clenching moment where I was terrified this was going to be another Skyfall look-at-our-not-actually-all-that-old-protagonist-and-how-he's-too-old-to-be-cool disaster. But no, we get a montage of Riddick recovering both physically and emotionally from his ordeal with the necromongers, and reemerging as the beast we know and love. The rest of the movie is a game of cat and mouse between Riddick and two crews of mercenaries that have answered his distress call - they want the bounty for his head and he wants a ship to escape the planet before it gets a little too Pitch Black-y for his tastes.

And this is our Riddick back, playing to his strength with stealth, sass, and smartassery, with all the blood and gore you could hope for from an end of summer R-rated action flick. I would have loved Katee Sackhoff's role to have been a little bigger, but really I'm just so delighted to have her back in space that I find myself without much room to complain. The graphics are pretty good in all the places that matter (i.e., the gore and the monsters), but the CG does negatively draw attention to itself at times, especially with the wild dogs and motorcycles. Overall, a great popcorn flick (in sppaAaaaAaaAace) - if you liked the first two, you'll probably like this one. And fingers crossed it continues to do well after this weekend, so I can have more action in space.

In short: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


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